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Deck of Dungeons - Printed Deck

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A tabletop RPG supplement to inspire your players with card sized dungeon maps. Each card is beautifully designed and hand drawn.

Have you ever had the problem of needing to describe a dungeon and none of the players could really imagine how the structure is actually built? You don't always have to draw a battle map. Sometimes a small picture is enough to quickly show what the situation around the players looks like. Or did you ever try to come up with a dungeon room on the fly and just could not come up with an interesting layout? This deck of dungeon cards is perfect for those situations. 55 unique cards full of stairs, dark corners, slim corridors, claustrophobic rooms, crates, barrels and much more to place monsters and treasure in.

Each card is hand drawn, scanned and slightly edited for some richer blacks and clearer lines.

Cards can either be used separately or combined to form larger dungeons. You can reveal one card after another as your players make their way through the dungeon and make them curious about each corner.

The cards are made out of professional 310gsm card stock with a blue core and smooth linen finish for the professional look & feel. The deck comes in a custom printed tuck box with a protective matte coating to give your cards the home they deserve. 

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Printed Version of The Deck of Dungeons

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Deck of Dungeons - Printed Deck

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